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February is Heart Health Awareness Month

A happy heart is a healthy heart. Choose to be joyous and make a conscious effort to practice being happy everyday, even in small ways.  Try these twenty-five acts that demonstrate consideration, kindness and respect for others.  They are sure to  help you build happier, healthier relationships with peers, friends and family.  See what a difference this makes. Click the link below for a free download. Feel free to copy and distribute.

Twenty-Five Rules of Considerate Conduct for Happier, Healthier Relationships



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Relationships Matter – Building Respect and Trust to be More Authentically Engaged with Your Target Audience

Business Etiquette, Civility and Protocol 101

The Confidence Factor for Women – Getting Over the Fear of Failing – Shine and be Your Best You!

The Power of Image, Brand and Civility to Enhance Workplace Performance and Productivity

Strengthening the Human Side of Personal Branding – Building Respect, Trust and Integrity in Business Relationships

Develop Your Personal Brand – Power it with Civility

CivilityWISE – Embracing Wisdom, Integrity, Selflessness and Empathy for Happier, Healtier Business and Personal Relationships

Got Image? – Boost Confidence, Credibility and Civility Skills

Civility Counts – Boost Your Image and Your Life

Civility Matters – 12 Tools and Rules for Creating Harmony and Happiness in the Workplace

The Profitability in Civility – Tools and Strategies to Grow Your Business and Enhance Your Personal Brand 

Reach for a Star – Exploring Civility Through Words and Deeds

Publications by Yasmin Anderson-Smith:

Mananging the Optics of Your Personal Brand – (Appeas in AICI Global Magazine December 2014) –

Supercharge Your Personal Brand With Civility (appears in 30x30x30 Blogathon: A Personal Branding Tour), June 2012

Civility, Image, Style & Branding: Eyes on South Korea, November 2011

Civility – A Gift For Every Season, December 2011

What is Old is New with Civility – The Image Connection, April 2011

The Power of Civility, (paper back – co-author), May 2011

Civility Counts – An Image Perspective (white paper), May 2010

Discover Civility – On The Go – Conversation Card Deck – Coming Fall 2012

Civility – A Solid Foundation for Your Image – eBook (Apears in the book – Executive Image Power)

Why do we Need Civility? Does it Change Anything?

Catch the Spirit of Civility

Sowing the Seeds – Inside and Outside the Garden

CiviliTEA – Japanese Dining & Business Etiquette Essentials

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Master Trainer – International Consortium of Civility Trainers

A Civility Education and Training Programs

Education, Training, Presentations and Programs

School, Workplace and Community-Based Campaigns

  • Business Etiquette Civility and Protocol 101
  • Image, Brand and Civility
  • Dining with Civility
  • Sowing the Seeds of Civility
  • Embracing Civility in Professional Development Trainning
  • Café Civilite


Civility – A Solid Foundation for Your Image – eBook (Apears in Executive Image Power)

Why do we Need Civility?

Catch the Spirit of Civility

Discover Civility – Sowing the Seeds From Terra to Table and Beyond

Call today to Schedule a Workshop or Program

Master Trainer – International Consortium of Civility Trainers

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