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Personal Branding and Civility Workshop Participants 

“The connection of civility to your personal brand. The reinforcement of how important this is for your business brand.

I thought it was ALL helpful information! You also get a sense of her desire to help others achieve their goals.”

“I believe everything was of equal value as all relates to and is linked to personal and business relationships.”

“As a new person to the industry, I found the entire presentation effective. I learned a great deal about personal branding and civility and will use the services of the instructor at my company.”

“Everything that was taught was of value to me and my business.”

“I earned a great deal about personal branding and civility and will use the services of the instructor in my company. I consider Yasmin as my mentor and source of inspiration.”

“There is no professional development without personal development.  Yasmin helps make it clear how they go hand in hand.”

” I enjoyed the lecture given by Yasmin. It gave me a lot of insight on etiquette  .. and things I didn’t know.  I will use the tools to improve my personal dealings.”

Additional  Feedback

Some people walk into a room and nothing happens; other people walk into a room and the world lights.  Thus it was when Yasmin Anderson Smith walked into The Church Of The Holy Comforter. Without words, without  a grand entry, without trumpets: just the outward expressions of perfect ‘ladyness’ (a quality that has almost vanished from our modern civilization). Many ladies uttered their admiration.  We all saw her graceful steps, her almost divine smile and most of all, that unforgetable expression of worship. Then I had the unexpected privelege of speaking with Yasmin. I was not at all surprised learning she was a Certified Image Consultant. Yasmin is an outstanding demonstration of her teaching/transforming profession. The world will never know of the uncountable (and unrewarded) contributions she has made through her ‘professional presence/visual impact’ until we step into the sweetness our GOD’S tomorrow. My sisters and friends also wish you the best…and an increased desire to continue impacting lives.

Peace,  Tresley Marecheau and family and friends

“Yasmin personifies her work as an image consultant through her own professional yet glamorous and warm yet poised presence. As the founder and CEO of KYMS Image Yasmin has chosen to give back through her work with young girls and provides a living example for what every girl wants to be when she grows up. I so admire Yasmin and her work that I have been persuaded to join her Board of Advisors and have participated in her well-organized and motivational sessions for young women. Yasmin’s programs and activities have earned recognition from several entities, including the Montgomery County Board of Education.” August 23, 2008

Andrea M. Ewart, ESQ. P.C.

You did a great job with the girls group on Tuesday. You are perfect for working with them. You have a style and grace that should be packaged! I loved the elegant table setting. Keep up the great work!

Renay Johnson, Principal,  Takoma Park Middle School

Every Girl Can is a wonderful contribution! The program helps build a girl’s self esteem in a positive and empowering way at the age when every girl need it. Yasmin’s curriculum includes everything a girl would need to enhance confidence, poise, appearance, behavior and communication skills.

Lynne Marks, AICI, CIM. Certified Image Master and Founder of the London Image Institute.

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