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The Civility Counts Project


Originated  in  August 2008, the Civility Counts Project was conceived as a global civility-awareness initiative of the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI) the world’s leading and largest professional association of personal and corporate image consultants.  The project was inspired by Dr. P.M. Forni, co-founder of the Civility Project  at Johns Hopkins University.  Through training, education, philanthropic and public awareness projects, individuals and organizations can discover the tools of civility to help them create more harmonious, happy and productive relationships in the workplace.  Through coordinated efforts among AICI’s global chapters, the Civility  Counts Project attracted worldwide attention form members, businesses, organizations and the Media. The Civility Counts Project ceased to exist as an AICI initiative in July 2012.

Project Leadership:

Yasmin Anderson-Smith is a founding member and past co-chair of the Civility  Counts Project.  Yasmin was responsible for spearheading the movement to secure May as Global Civility Awareness Month as designated in the Chase’s Calendar of Events. Yasmin also authored AICI’s first white paper,  Civility Counts – An Image Perspective. Copies be downloaded at


Companies or organizations may celebrate civility through an awareness  campaign, issue a proclamation, citation, resolution or letter of support to the organization.

For a list of civility workshops, presentation topics or to learn how to  start a civility initiative in your organization or community,  please review the Discover Civility and Speaking and Training pages of this website or contact Yasmin Anderson-Smith at or 301-792-2276 or Skype- kymsimage

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